Sion Jeong


Installation | 2010

“Karat” is an artificial sphere where the crystal is growing.
In it an organism-like crystal form is realized: a metaphor of life.
This crystallization is a poetic process of materialization, that lets us dream of ’becoming’ as a trace of disappearance. The ambivalent imaginary landscape will appear in “Karat”, because the chemical phenomenon itself is the react of deprivation and saturation, which makes our mind resonate with it. Every matter leaves its trace, where it is transforming.

I imagine an imaginary forest of growing trees.
Normally, these trees would never be born or die.

Becoming as vanishing ?

The alternation between ‘entity’ and ‘non-entity’.
The unsteadiness between acting and being.
The flickering between flame and ashes.

The real-time process of breathing-like light and sound of “Karat” sensualizes the phenomenon of this sphere. It emphasizes and maybe mystifies (telling some story) the becoming of this imaginary sphere with immerse way. Like we interpret totally different between diamond and graphite, although they consist of same matter (carbon), sometimes we try to reflect ourselves in matter and the process of materialization in a poetic way but without any words, besides its general value.




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